The Foundation name(FSD) is an acronym for:

  • Find
  • Secure
  • Document
    Find secure document foundation - Copy

    Official logo of the foundation.

We find objects and people with interesting properties and concepts, lock them away in our facility(to keep the general public safe), and then document them.

(quick disclaimer: any images with hypnotic properties will not be posted.)

We are completely freelance, but do have government funding.

All test subjects are willing participants, teenagers in our local area. Their pictures will be censored to protect their identities, and will be referred to in out documents by given code names.

(Disclaimers: We are aware of the SCP Foundation. We are simply the parallel alternative to them. Our foundation exists in a different universal plane almost exactly the same as their planet earth. Attempts to team up have been tried, but they turn us away every time. (Besides, talking through dimensions is costly.))

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